The frame can be painted any colour you like, simply provide us with the RAL code, and in addition an extra zinc primer can be added for courts that are subject to corrosive environments, such as those by the sea or near big cities.


The doorway can be open or have a sliding or folding lockable door and your brand or logo can be laser cut into the corner posts of the court and they can even be painted in a contrasting colour.


Benches, bins and hangers can be integrated into the structure to save space and be visually unobtrusive.

It is possible to change the number of glass panels on the VISION and FORTE court to meet WPT regulation. For more information about why this is possible, get in contact.


Additionally, we can fire your logo or any wording that you may require into the glass so that it will never be worn off or scratched.


There are several different lighting options available.

Pillar types:

  • straight lighting pillars

  • V-shaped lighting pillars

  • C-shaped lighting pillars

Lighting unit types:

  • 150W LED lights

  • 200W LED lights


You have the option of adding a canopy to your padel court, to protect from adverse weather in colder months for example. This canopy can be enclosed or open, and if enclosed, a full structure can be built with it, including heating and insulation. This structure can be permanent or temporary to suit your requirements. If temporary, the structure can also be hired from us on one of our hiring schemes.



We have two different types of turf available:

  • MONDO STX - available in green, blue clay red or purple with coloured sand to match.












  • MONDO STX SUPERCOURT (Official Turf of WPT) - Available in blue or green with coloured sand to match.


Sand is available to match the turf colour, or alternatively, white sand can be used with any colour turf as the most cost effective option. 


Covers & Protection

Cushioned covers on the net posts and entrances are available, with space to print your brand or logo.


We also offer high competition padel net with printed advertising on the top tape, to sell the advertising space together with the space on the net posts and entrances.


The scoreboards which we have available are:

  • Digital scoreboard with tactile push button and live streaming.

  • Aluminium manual scoreboard for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Structure integrated Abacus manual scoreboard for interior courts.

Booking Systems & Data Analysis

We offer the latest booking systems that can be fully integrated with the lights, heaters, entrance systems and other hardware systems. This monitors as many or as few parameters as you need, giving you access to valuable data that can guide your efforts to improve your facility.

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