Glass Walls

Glass back walls are installed in the vast majority of new courts and for good reason: they vastly improve visibility of the sport and increase safety. However, glass walls can be installed in place of side or even front walls to further enhance the viewing experience.

We use our own Melior Sports glass wall systems; our products are the next generation in glass wall technology. Using aluminium hardware rather than nylon, these walls are built to last. There is no chance that the hardware will split or that the handle will wear down from use. The hardware is hard anodised for additional scratch resistance ensuring it will last a lifetime.

There are several different designs of glass wall available and careful selection of the correct system is paramount to the success of your project. We are here to help - get in touch here.

Premium aluminium hardware, hard anodised for additional scratch resistance

Toughened and heat soaked 12mm float glass

Approved by the World Squash Federation

Custom logos, court numbers and wording can be fired into the glass and are therefore resistant to wear and tear

Custom glass wall partitions available

Wheelchair accessible glass back walls

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