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Padel Covers

Customised and certified court covers

Your padel court can be used all year round thanks to our court covers specifically designed for padel. The expertise acquired over decades of experience in sports court coverings and thorough control of the entire supply chain and every stage of production enable our partner, Favaretti Group, to produce high-performance, customised and certified covers for padel courts.

Each cover is custom-designed by our technical officer in compliance with building regulations and is supplied with a British Standards compliance certificate. We guarantee our products against local wind and snow loads in addition to all workmanship and materials.


Retractable Side Walls

The perfect solution to guarantee quick and easy opening via a single mechanism. PVC walls with wind bracings, an agile sliding system and pedestrian entrances or, alternatively, with rigid windows in polycarbonate, glass or with opaque panels, ideal for enhancing the elegance and performance of the structure.


Heating Systems

To heat your padel court, we supply and install the latest generation of high-efficiency class A condensing boilers that assure significant benefits in terms of efficiency, comfort and energy savings. We size the boiler according to the climate zone, the internal volume and the chosen membrane. We offer solutions with a wall-mounted boiler and internal air heater as well as classic floor-standing solutions with air ducting.


LED Lighting Systems

Our experts can develop state-of-the-art LED systems in compliance with lighting guidelines. With lighting assessments carried out for every system, we are able to ensure world class playing experience.


Removable Tarpaulins

Completely waterproof tarpaulins that can be easily removed during the summer to obtain an open court.


Gutters and Downpipes

We complete your cover with accessories designed to channel rainwater into collection pits to prevent puddles of water from forming on the outer perimeter of the court


Single Membrane

Our simplest solution, manufactured from PVC, it offers protection against the sun and weather.


Double Membrane

With low power motors maintaining air pressure within the double membrane, the cover provides a great degree of insulation.


False-Ceiling Double Membrane

A double membrane capable of concealing the metal structure, eliminating internal condensation and providing excellent summer/winter insulation.

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