Swinton Barracks
Southbank Fitness Centre
Dolphin Square Fitness
Swinton Barracks squash courts

2 brand new courts with Armourcoat plaster plaster walls, Ellis Pearson glass back walls and Junckers floors.

Southbank Fitness Centre squash courts

7 courts painted, 4 courts sanded, 1 reclaimed floor installed.

Dolphin Square Fitness squash courts

1 new Junckers floor, 3 court walls repaired and decorated, 3 new tins, floors sanded. 

DPD court
Dulwich Squash Club
Kings College, Taunton

Construction of DPD Open 2019 court.

Custom door stickers applied.

4 courts painted and floors sanded.

Mercure South Hatherton House Hotel, Stafford
Next Gen Fitness, Potters Bar
Droitwich Spa Leisure Centre
Mercure South Hatherton House Hotel Stafford squash courts
Next Gen Fitness Potters Bar squash courts
Droitwich Spa Leisure Centre squash courts

Out of play areas and playwalls painted and 2 court floors sanded.

4 floors sanded and re-marked.

3 courts painted and floors sanded.

World Championship Chicago 2019
Weston Squash Club
Fort Stamford, Plymouth

4 courts painted, 3 courts sanded and one brand new Junckers floor.

3 courts repaired and painted.

4 floors sanded and re-marked.

Devon & Exeter SRC
Otley Squash Club
The Wyvern, Taunton

6 floors sanded.

1 front wall skimmed, 1 glass door installed, 2 courts cleaned and 2 floors sanded.

3 court walls cleaned, 1 front wall re-skimmed, 24 LED lights installed, 1 floor sanded and 2 Boen floors installed.

Royal Citadel, Plymouth
Biggleswade Squash Club
Prestbury Squash Club
Royal Citadel Plymouth squash courts

1 court entirely re-skimmed and 1 reclaimed floor installation.

Queens Sports Club, Halifax

Side and back walls repainted on 2 courts, full re-plastering of front walls and new tins installed (one fixed height, one adjustable).

St George London Dock, Wapping

5 floors sanded.

1 court repainted.

1 court cleaned, 3 courts repainted and 4 floors sanded.

Sedgefield Squash Club

2 courts sanded, 1 adjustable tin installed, 1 glass back wall installed.

Surbiton Racket & Fitness Club

4 courts cleaned and 4 floors sanded.

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