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The ASB SQUASH brand has been on the market since 1976, which makes it one of the most experienced squash court providers in the global market. Over the years, ASB have designed, delivered, and installed thousands of squash courts worldwide. This makes us a world leader in the construction of squash courts demonstrated by partnerships with the Professional Squash Association (PSA) and Melior Sports.
ASB System100

Squash court free-standing wall, thickness 100mm

The carrying construction of the ASB System100 wall consists of aluminium profiles. These profiles are sandwiched with high-density panels. The panels are produced according to ASB’s stringent specifications. The cavity in the middle is filled with kiln-dried aggregate to attain the required surface hardness and playability ASB is known for.

The ASB System100 wall has near perfect dimensional accuracy enabling surrounding works to be completed to equally fine tolerances.

ASB System40

Thickness 40mm, anchored to the building wall

The ASB System40 panels are generally useable for either a new court or a renovation of an existing court made of plaster or other materials which are not resistant to the impact of the squash ball. This already brings us to the challenge to manufacture a good squash wall.

ASB Movable SideWall

Hardly any other product has changed a sport as much as the ASB Movable SideWall. With this innovation, the squash court became an all-purpose area and provided the answer to the multi-functionality required in today’s leisure centres. Simply by pressing a button, not only the court but also the sport of squash is changed.

Choose out of two options: ASB Mechanical or ASB Electric Movable SideWall.

ASB PermanentGlassWall10

ASB PermanentGlassWall10 is based on a 6mm thick tempered glass fixed to various types of supporting structural construction. This makes it a perfect solution to modernize existing courts as well as to build brand new squash courts. ASB PermanentGlassWall10 is suitable for both ASB construction systems (ASB System40 and ASB System100) as well as any other court types. This innovation benefits from the best characteristics of ASB System40 and ASB System100 court walls and adds an extra bonus through its additional durability and marketing opportunities.

Available in cool white, light blue, petrol green or anthracite grey.

ASB GlassWall

The ASB GlassWall has a stunning visual appearance. The glass panels of an ASB GlassWall are made of 12mm “SEKURIT” glass. The wall can be combined with our other systems. The wall can be equipped with ASB one-way-vision™ technology, which means, that the first layer of the dots on the inner side of the “SEKURIT” safety glass is printed in anthracite/black colour by screen printing technique. The second layer of dots, which are the bright colour dots have to be printed exactly on the black dots. The spectators can see inside the court, on the other hand, the players cannot see outside. Therefore they are not disturbed by the movement around and can easily focus on the squash ball.

ASB PermanentGlassWall

Fixed non-transparent squash court glass wall

The ASB PermanentGlassWall system will be a major game changer for the squash market. The decay of plaster squash walls from the impact of the ball over time is a major issue for every center owner or manager, especially the annual maintenance in connection with the down time of the court have been the problem.

ASB Pro GlassBackWall

Squash court glass back wall in an aluminium frame

The panels (2.13 m x 2.75 m) are framed with aluminium profiles, especially designed by ASB. The door area is stiffened by aluminium columns 150 mm/40 mm/ 4mm. The door is held by hinges at the side and opens inwards. All aluminium profiles are anodised (E6EV1). The horizontal bar at a height of 2.13 m also forms the out of play line and is concave.

ASB Freestanding GlassBackWall

Squash court glass back wall fixed by glass fins

This glass back wall is stabilised with 30cm deep glass fins. The squash court door is opening to the inside and is fixed to hinges at the side. The fins are fixed to the floor with angle. The opening in the floor with around 25cm x 35cm is covered with an anodised aluminium plate.

The ASB Freestanding GlassBackWall consists of two glass panels of 2.13m x 2.75m and a door, which is 90cm wide and made of 12mm toughened glass.

Glass headpieces can be installed any time. 

ASB Rotary GlassBackWall

Rotating squash court back wall.

The area of a squash court can be expanded by opening the back wall to accommodate other sports or activities.

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