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Padbol® is a fusion of popular sports such as football, tennis, volleyball and squash. This action packed game uses every part of the body except the hands and arms. Four people play in a doubles format for increased speed, movement and fun!

A fusion of the world's most popular ball sports

10m x 6m court

4 players in a doubles format

Whole body workout

High energy

Minimum space requirement (60sq.m)

Low investment

Greater economic benefit

Laser cut for ultimate precision

Courts can be placed in a variety of places including, beach schools and parks

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The Court
6m x 10m court
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Tempered glass
Galvanised steel
Floodlight max height 5m
Welded mesh max height 3.5m
Crystal max height 2.5m
Modular plastic flooring
200W LED Floodlights
V-Shaped Light Pillars
Straight Light Pillars
C-Shaped Light Pillars
Multi -use courts

On one Padel court, you can fit 3 Padbol courts!

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