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Free-Roam Virtual Reality Experience On Squash-Courts

Increase your utilisation and reach new target groups with a competitive and family-friendly virtual reality experience.

Take your sports centre to a new dimension with VR

Would you like to increase the utilisation of your squash courts, revitalise off-peak hours and address new target audiences?


With VIRTUAL ARENA you easily transform your squash and tennis courts into fascinating virtual worlds full of action, fun and emotions within a very short time and without any fixed installations. From a virtual snowball fight in an enchanting winter landscape to a duel in an authentic Wild West saloon – ultimate gaming fun and a lot of movement is guaranteed.

Your advantages

New target audience

With this innovative virtual reality attraction, you are sure to attract the attention of your target audience.

High customer loyalty


The tournament mode as well as exciting game novelties keeps customers coming back.

Low costs


Our attractive pay-as-you-go-model allows you to operate your own VIRTUAL ARENA for only £0.09 per player and minute.

Easy handling


The VIRTUAL ARENA is ready for use within a very short time and can be operated with minimal effort.

The VIRTUAL ARENA perfectly fits into your squash court

To operate your own VIRTUAL ARENA you only need an area of at least 3 x 6 meters. No fixed installations are necessary. The VIRTUAL ARENA can therefore be easily integrated into any squash court, tennis courts or course rooms for better utilization.

You simply use your existing space for different purposes and target groups – with minimal additional effort.

VR gaming fun for the young and old

From a snowball fight in an enchanting winter landscape to a duel in an authentic Wild West saloon – ulitmate gaming fun is guaranteed. And the best thing about it – four times a year you get a brand new game for free.

VA Snow Battle.jpg

Snow Battle


Snow Battle is a virtual snowball fight for the whole family. In front of a magical backdrop, 2 teams compete against each other and experience winter fun of a very special kind.

VA Laser Tag.jpg

Laser Tag


In Laser Tag you’ll experience action-packed battles with laser weapons in the simulated urban combat of the future. In this fast-paced and exciting science fiction shooter, you’ll dive into a world that offers many winding corridors and rooms, as well as obstacles to hide behind.

VA Wild West.jpg

Wild West


Young and old alike will quickly work up a sweat in this action-packed, competitive shooter. Alternating indoor and outdoor settings provides plenty of variety.

VA Paintball.jpg



Incredible Paintball action on large virtual outdoor spaces with tons of creative and colourful obstacles for the young and old. The setting was inspired by a South Korean TV series.

VA Mini Block Towers.jpg

Mini Block Towers


In this innovative and family-friendly game, you will be shrunk to toy size. Each player must defend his own tower and always be careful not to get hit himself.

VA Zero Gravity Tennis.jpg

Zero Gravity Tennis


This game offers virtual sport with real calorie consumption. Two players compete against each other and have to try to move a weightless ball into the opponent’s field with energy paddles. This is where you really work up a sweat.

VA Joller House.jpg

Joller House


The Joller House experience is an escape game for 1 or 2 players with horror elements and jump scare effects. The game is based on a true story from Central Switzerland.

You want to know more?

Fill out the form below and download the VIRTUAL ARENA brochure to learn more about your possibilities with the innovative location-based entertainment product for your squash, padel or tennis court.

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