Padel is essentially a cross between tennis and squash, and is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. Internationally, padel is also growing very quickly, and is now the second most popular sport in Spain! The UK padel market is just taking off, and we aim to be at the forefront of it, as a premium supplier of padel courts.

Melior Sports offer all aspects of padel court construction and we understand that it is a complex process.

After the initial visit to discuss installing padel courts at your facility there are several installation steps. Follow them below:

Step 1 - Quotation Stage

Melior Sports visit the site with our groundworks partner to create a site specific quotation. Each site is different and therefore have difference groundworks requirements. Groundworks are likely to be the most costly component of padel court installation but thankfully our experienced team will find the most cost effective solution.


There are several types of courts so we will recommend that which is most suitable to your requirements when we visit. Click here to see the different courts available. 


Along with the quote, we supply a financial forecast for your new courts so that you can estimate how long it may take to make your money back.

Step 2 - Decision Time

It is now decision time! You will discuss with your colleagues and instruct us to proceed or not.

The question is, do you have 2 or 3 courts? With or without canopies? Green or Blue turf? Click here to see the customisable options.

Step 3 - Commencement of Installation

The duration of installation depends on many factors but in a few weeks you will be playing padel on your new courts!

Step 4 - Enjoy!

Your courts have now been completed and you have years of fun ahead of you!


Plus a way to increase your revenue stream...

You will need to apply for planning permission for the construction of padel courts. This is your responsibility but we will be happy to supply anything you need.

BATAK front
New court - Pornic, France
New floor installation
Custom door sticker
outdoor curved lights
New Junckers squash floor
3 courts aerial
angled lights
Refurbished Squash Court
Sponsored squash player Mike Harris

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