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Design Corner

This is just a little taste of some of the components and models we have designed over the years. Few of these designs are produced as the economic model must work for the project to be viable, after-all, this is design! The clients for whom we produce these designs, assemblies and models send us a design specification and we then work together to accomplish some truly innovative and intricate designs.

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Outdoor Glass Court

This was a fun design that was put together for a client that sadly fell through and so has never been built. However we were left with a fully designed outdoor glass squash court! Since this has been designed, there are courts that have been tried and tested by ASB SquashCourts.

Concrete Dual Outdoor Court

A visual representation of a dual court system with rendered concrete walls, a suspended weatherproof floor and laminated glass back wall.

Mini Squash Court

The well known and loved Melior Sports Mini Squash Court.


We love designing and manufacturing our own brackets. It helps us keep costs down for the end client and we have greater control over the functionality.

Foot Bracket v4.png
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Integration into existing drawings

Have you had drawings made up and are looking to integrate a squash or padel court into it? Our in house designers can do this for you in a variety of design programmes.

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